Pure1600 | Full Spectrum | Hemp Extract | Tincture

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1600mg Of Pure Hemp Oil Extract

  • Safety-Sealed
  • Laboratory-Tested
  • 1600mg of Hemp Oil Extract


15 reviews for Pure1600 | Full Spectrum | Hemp Extract | Tincture

  1. 5 out of 5

    Cindy Justice

    I have been using Hemp Oils from Pure Science for about two years now. I was buying 10 g 41% organic Hemp Oil Extract Oral Applicator and was putting the hemp extract in gel-caps as I couldn’t get the right amount under my tongue. I decided to try the Pure1600 mg Hemp Oil Extract (30 mL bottle) this month to put it under my tongue for better absorption. I really don’t notice that much difference, but the Pure 1600 is more economical for me. I began using hemp oils in conjunction with THC (Rick Simpson Oil) when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer two years ago. I believe the combination helped with tumor reduction and certainly helped with the side affects of chemo. However, as time wore on I couldn’t function using that much THC. So for the past year I use the hemp extracts only for the health benefits and for pain. I still receive treatments every three weeks – a combination of immunotherapy and gene targeted therapy. There are still side affects and the oils help with that.
    The only complaint I have about the Pure 1600 is that it has some kind of child proof cap that I find difficult to remove. I have neuropathy in my hands (thanks chemo) and arthritis in my wrists. So I cuss at the bottle every time I have to open it. Maybe you could do something about that.
    Thanks for awesome products….

  2. 5 out of 5

    John Herbert

    I use the Pure 1600 hemp extract and the Kanna Freeze 500 gel for 
    arthritis in my hands. Absolutely great products!! Major difference in 
    pain reduction. Better than any other Hemp products I have tried.  Five
    Star rating. 

  3. 4 out of 5

    Jeff Osmun

    I haven’t had any positive or negative effects from the Pure 1600, yet.
    My main reason for trying it was for sleep. I work nightshift, so I was looking for something natural. I have taken up to 6 drops at once and I didnt notice any difference. I will continue to experiment with dosage.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Michele Hall

    Just ordered another bottle. This oil has worked miracles on my son’s disk replacement in his back. Irthas also helped him sleep and has relieved his depression.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Lonnie Plank

    At 53 years of age, I have arthritis pains from various injuries stemming from being an adrenaline junky at a younger age.  I also have a very rare condition called elongated colon. My large colon is 3 times longer than normal. I have fought constipation issues my whole life. I had previously bought 4 bottles of Hemp oil from other sellers and did not achieve any relief. My step father is retired military and his VA doctor advised him to buy Pure Science Lab Hemp oil from their military PX. He swears by it. So I too bought some 1,600 mg from the PX. Amazing results in two days. My bowl movements have now been regular daily for the past 5 months.  You have no idea how wonderful that is. Also my knuckles no longer burn from arthritis.  

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Pure1600 Hemp Oil Extract

1600mg Of Pure Hemp Oil Extract | 30 mL Bottle

Unlike many commonly available hemp oils that use harsh chemicals as part of the extraction process, our oil is produced using a Super-critical CO2 extraction process with medical grade CO2.

We understand the importance of quality ingredients and the need to scrutinize processing from seed to sale. Our team stands behind our products 100%. Our hemp extract is legal, organic and is third-party lab-tested in the USA. People worldwide have been supplementing their diets with our premium Hemp extract. This is thanks not only to our unique hemp extract cultivars but also to the farmers who grow and harvest our organic hemp.

Product Highlights

  • 1.6mg of Hemp extract per Drop
  • 1000 Drops per Bottle

How to Take

Put 10-15 drops under your tongue, up to twice a day. Tolerance and need are different for everyone.  Do not take if pregnant or lactating. Always consult with your healthcare practitioner.

How to Store

Store away from heat, light, and humidity.


Hemp Oil Extract,Organic Hemp Oil and Organic MCT Oil.

Additional information

Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

1 Ounce, 2 Ounce, 3 Ounce


Our Extraction Process Delivers The Highest Quality Hemp Extract.

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Pure1600 | Full Spectrum | Hemp Extract | Tincture